"We offer Legal Services across the full spectrum of the law, our team has the expertise and experience you need"
  1. Criminal Law & Traffic Offences
  2. goodlegal
    • Murder & Manslaughter
    • Corporate Crime
    • Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm
    • Drug Offences
    • Robbery & Theft and Fraud matters
    • Sexual Offences
    • Domestic Violence offences( AVO)
    • Bail Applications
    • DUI & Serious Driving Offences
    • Centrelink Fraud
    • Appeals to higher Courts on sentence and conviction
    • Legal advice on outcomes and penalties, including abuse of police powers

  3. Wills & Estates
  4. goodlegal
    • Preparation and advice on Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney & Appointment of Enduring Guardian.
    • Claims to challenge the validity of Wills.
    • Family Provision Claims, out of the assets of the estate when inadequate or no provision is made in the will.
    • Probate application of Wills OR Administration of Estates where person dies without leaving a will.

  5. Business & Commercial law
  6. goodlegal
    • Sale and purchase of businesses
    • Bankruptcy
    • Validity of Mortgages and Guarantees
    • Debt recovery
    • Challenging Statutory Demands on Companies for debts
    • Taxation and Revenue Disputes
    • Mortgagee in Possession Claims
    • Insurance Claims
    • Franchise Agreements

  7. Property Law & Conveyancing
  8. goodlegal
    • Sale and purchase of residential & commercial properties.
    • Retail and Commercial leases for tenants and landlords.
    • Transfer and gifts of property between family members and related parties.
    • Property development and subdivisions.
    • Real Estate Agents and legal issues on commission claims.
    • Building disputes and claims.
    • Creation of Easements and restrictions to properties.
    • Lodgment of Caveats and Court applications to remove.
  1. Corporate Law, Partnerships, Trusts and Joint Ventures
    • Advice on business structures such as Company, Trusts, Partnerships, Joint Ventures & Incorporated Associations.
    • Advice to directors and officer's liability for claims and debts.
    • Transfer of shares & preparation of shareholder's agreements.
    • Insolvency & Liquidations.
    • Advice and preparation of complex agreements and contracts.
    • Preparation of Trust deeds and agreements.

  2. Family Law & Children's Court
  3. goodlegal
    • Divorce Applications
    • Property Settlements
    • Defacto relationship claims
    • Prenuptial Agreements
    • Domestic Violence representation (ADVO)
    • Children's Court appearance for parents in DOCS matters (Panel Solicitor)

  4. Personal Injury and Compensation Claims
  5. goodlegal
    • Negligence Claims for injury and/or loss or damage to property.
    • Claims from Motor Vehicle Accident matters.
    • Medical negligence and malpractice.
    • Insurance claims for loss or damage to property.
    • Victim's Compensation claims for victims of crime.

  6. Employment Law and Work Claims
  7. goodlegal
    • Occupational Health & Safety Litigation and representations.
    • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination claims in the workplace.
    • Employment entitlement claims and Superannuation claims.
    • Breach of Confidentiality and/or loss of Intellectual Property Claims by employers.